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Full Northwestern Cedar Surround Deck Buy Now
This type 4 Surround Deck includes the circular cut out section for your Softub motor unit. Custom layouts are available upon request. Please contact us for more info.
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Our Price: 5.95

Rubber Duck, styles may vary
Faucet Adaptor
Our Price: 8.95

Attaches to a garden hose to any indoor faucet to fill the spa
InSPAration Spa Fragrances (9oz)
Our Price: 10.00

The easiest way to enhance your spa experience is with a wonderful scent. We offer a variety of spa fragrances that are specifically designed for hot tub use which means they won’t affect the water chemistry in the spa. (9oz bottles)
Our Price: 10.95

Gentle abrasive surface of glove is perfect for all cleaning jobs.
Floating Thermometers
Our Price: 12.95

Sweet Pea Apple Elixir 9oz
Our Price: 12.95

All-natural spa & bath elixir with skin moisturizer and water softener. Indulge yourself with this enlivening blend of sensual aromas & moisturizing botanicals. Spa safe & oil-free, Spazazz Aromatherapy Elixirs set the mood, arouse emotion, and relax your state of mind.  9oz
TEAR-AID Vinyl Repair Kit
Our Price: 12.95

TEAR-AID repairs holes & tears instantly. The elastic patch that won't pull off when stretched. TEAR-AID's unique airtight, watertight, elastic composition stretches and recovers absorbing the force that causes ordinary repair products to be torn off.

Sticks to Vinyl and Vinyl-Coated Materials:
• Won't discolor over time
• Cuts easily to any size with scissors
• No sewing
• Won't turn gummy in high heat
• Stretches and springs back without losing its grip
• Functions in temperature ranges of -20ºF - 190º F after application

TEAR-AID has a new, unique adhesive that resists the oils in vinyl that causes other adhesives to soften and turn gummy in sunlight.

Kit Includes:
(1)  3" x 12" TEAR-AID Patch - cuts with scissors to any size
(1)  7/8" x 7/8" Patch
(1)  3/8" x 1 3/8" Patch
(1)  12" Reinforcement Filament for repairing tears at edges
(2)  Alcohol Prep Pads
Floating Light Up Flowers (2pk)
Our Price: 12.95

No Softub, pool or bathtub is as fun without these Floating LED Light Ups. Super bright, color coordinated LED's One hour auto shut off. 2pk
Tub Rub
Our Price: 13.95

Cleaning with the reusable Tub Rub pad is quick, easy and safe. Contains only natural ingredients. No gloves needed. Completely child safe. Soak pad thoroughly, wipe, rinse and let dry. The job is done!
Softub Vinyl Cleaner
Our Price: 14.95

High quality cleaner for your Softub exterior vinyl.